Saturday, 29 March 2014

Mrs Catch cooks

I went to a Tupperware party at my friend Gina's place the other evening. There are plans afoot to organise the alternative universe that is my pantry. Some crisply new and functional plasticware will add the final stylish touch. Well, at least until the Catch clan begin to handle it.

But I have to confess. The best thing I got that night was a recipe that I shall share with you now. Please don't panic about its complexity or number of ingredients. You may not have my superior cooking skills*, but I'm sure you can manage it.




'Smoosh' the mixture in a largish bowl.
Pour and drink.

Welcome to champagne slushies! Just when you thought it could get no better.
Onto it people!

Bubbles of love from
Mrs Catch (hic)

* Anyone who chokes at this will be skewered.
** For those international readers who are unable to access the Weis' have my condolences. You now have one more reason to visit Australia.


  1. Yummo. That is the sort of decadence I like (love). Thank you.

  2. I don't drink alcohol, but I would love to visit Australia someday! And that's saying a lot because I hate to fly! Maybe I would have to take up drinking just to make it on that long flight!

  3. Tupperware parties always come up with the best ideas. ;-)


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