Sunday, 14 July 2013

The Holiday Trap

Do you find that school holidays seem to go on forever? I do. I switch to a completely different operating mode to cope. It's ALL about relaxing and snuggling and long, pointless chats about whether dogs dream and birds have tongues. It stretches out endlessly before us.

Except for the last few days. You really have to be on the ball with those last few days.

That's when you are supposed to be organising uniforms, detoxing lunch boxes and polishing school shoes, ready for the new term. It's very easy for that small window of time to scream past as you all strive to soak up the few remaining sleep-ins or catch the last of the new movies. Beware - day one of the Term will then start with your daughter's biceps straining her sleeves in an alarming manner as you wonder in panic, "how can you POSSIBLY have grown that much in two weeks?" Also, strange new life forms will be discovered in the bottom of the school bag your child SWEARS was emptied two weeks ago. You spray it distractedly with Glen20 and pray the teacher doesn't get too close.

Youngest daughter's uniforms had to be replaced recently, as last term she was beginning to resemble a Sixties go-go dancer, so short were her skirts. There was also the very public rip in the too-tight sports shorts that has probably scarred her mentally for life.

Both daughters needed new school shoes as well. Although, to be perfectly accurate, that would be "shoe". This sends me crazy. One shoe is perfect, but the other has had the toe worn through from dragging said shoe along the ground while on the roundabout swing (not to be confused with the foot-drag braking of early bike riding which tends to be bipedal). How can I toss one perfect shoe? I call it the Cinderella Syndrome, and it's painful for parents of roundabout swingers everywhere.

Sadly, it has also come to pass that the girls have grown so much that their wardrobe hanging-space is too short. It makes me a bit sad - another sign that they're growing up. But, however unhappy, you and I both know that dresses need space - or they wrinkle. Which means you may have to get out the iron.

To avoid incurring such evilness, we scurried to the Swedish superstore. The Catch family doesn't go there very often and as I searched in the cavernous space for yet another missing member, I remembered why. We probably need to be tied together like an Arabian camel train. Or perhaps drop breadcrumbs as we go, like Hansel and Gretel, so we can find each other and the exit in the same month.

But, I'm having the last laugh. Tonight, the lunch boxes are gleaming on the bench and there are rows of well-fitting school uniforms hanging straight and unwrinkled nearby. Shortly, we will watch the last of the new movies.

Some days, we win.

Yours, ready to roll
Mrs Catch

What is your most important preparation for the new school term? Do you find it difficult to snap out of holiday mode? PLEASE, tell me I'm not the only one!!

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  1. The holiday mode for the States is in full swing. Kiddos get out usually around the end of May or early June and don't go back until the end of Aug. or early Sept. It's summer here and vacations, family reunions, and all manner of picnic, swimming and of course movie watching fun, goes on. I loved this time of year when my kids were little. I loved not having to pack lunches and go over homework and do endless projects. Some parents hate it because it's also time to hear "I'm bored"! I hope your little "Catches" had fun and school gets back in full swing with those new clothes. Oh, I forgot, my 4 boys hated shopping for school uniforms in our it was an expensive trip that had tons of "eye" rolling involved! Enjoy your movie!


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