Thursday, 7 February 2013

Teleporter Required Pronto

The mad rush to be everywhere at once has begun. Yesterday, I had to pick up someone from volleyball training and take two children to a music lesson.  AT EXACTLY THE SAME TIME.

If this was a moneyed job, the unions would be on to it.

But, as you know, mothering's a voluntary position. With a long tenure.
I get paid in kisses and happy squeals.

And rather than complain, because I was stuck in apocalyptic traffic, I'm going to show you  random shots from the holidays

Then, we can all pretend we're still there.
So much better.

Yours, eternally stopped in traffic
Mrs Catch

How do you settle back into the real world after holidays?
And what's with Brisbane traffic lately? It's a nightmare!

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful pics of a fun time! I know that as I age I'm not really getting mentally's all the carbon monoxide from sitting in my car transporting my kiddos to and from sports, school, work, church functions, etc. that has infected my head! As you say, a side effect of Mom duties!


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