Monday, 25 February 2013

First Day

I'm sitting in the university library writing this.  It's nearly time for my first lecture.  Not sure if excitement or nerves are winning.

Eldest son began his course yesterday and was chuffed at getting to all the right lectures with all the right equipment. Let's hope I manage as well as that.

There are SO many people here. And they are all so YOUNG. Casual and confident, they saunter down the winding paths, pausing here and there to answer their phone or look up some paperwork.  They look like they know what they're doing.  Wonder if they're thinking the same about me?

I had a coffee earlier. The rain was teeming down. It's an absolute quagmire here today.  So, all the students were squashed into the small space near the counter. There were jokes as everyone attempted not to fall over the person beside them.

I found a seat in the corner and got to watch the comings and goings. A young girl, closely resembling a Botticelli Venus, sat next to me. Our hands, as they lifted our respective coffees, were so close, they almost touched.  Hers was smooth and unlined, plump with future possibilities. Mine were... not. Crepey skin, short, practical nails.  I hope my brain isn't as wrinkled as my hands. Do you think that the experience of mixing with so many different people and learning new things will be the equivalent of a cranial facelift? Hope so.

I drove my car out today, because the weather is so wretched. Found a park almost straight away. A young lass was reversing out as I drove by.  As I waited for her to leave, she stopped, got out of her car and walked over to me.  My heart sank.  What unknown breach of etiquette had I committed?

But, she just held out her pay-and-display ticket. Which she didn't need anymore.  Did I want it? It would mean free parking for me.

I smiled, relieved.

A gift of kindness.  It's a good start.


  1. Perfect start. Good luck with uni life. xx

  2. I am thrilled for you. Good luck - and I am sure that you need the brain lift much less than you think.

  3. You'll do great! In fact I'm betting you will be the star's fun to mix and mingle with young people and realize they aren't that much different than we were at their age. (although I know you're much younger than me!) Good luck to you and your son. It's never too late to learn and it's great to see that a good deed was yours at the parking lot!

    1. Thanks Yaya. First lecture went really well. Lots of grammar and punctuation ahead of me!!

  4. :-)
    And you know, pretty sure Venus doesn't see those hands the same way. Or you. You have life on your side!

  5. That is a sweet lovely gesture of that girl. Definitely a good start!

    PS: I'm currently hosting a new Fitskin giveaway, open to Australian residents only and I hope you will enter!

  6. As someone who is desperate to go back and do an English Lit degree, I loved this post. The idea of sneaking back to Uni when children are older is one of those dreams that sits right at the back of my compartmentalized brain. What are you studying? And now that we're 2 months on how's it going? Would love to know.


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