Wednesday, 21 November 2012

When the Squiggles On the Page Really Are Just Squiggles

I was fortunate to be able to attend a writing workshop yesterday. Six hours of learning about putting words together.

It was bliss.

Furiously scribbling my way through one exercise, I flipped the page to continue.

Only to be confronted by a shopping list. And on the next page, a list of cricket game-times, a child's drawings and lots of pretend "running" writing, two doctors appointments, a recipe, a phone message and a to-do list...Flick, flick, flick.  The book was almost empty of fresh pages.  And full of inane, but necessary, details.

A sign perhaps. That this life needs less "catching" and more good, old-fashioned sorting.

I vow to start afresh and do better.
Or at least buy a new writing notebook.

Anyway, this was my favourite "wrong" thing in the writing book. Written by one of my daughters at some point.

And no, I haven't a clue. You?

Yours. amongst the scrap paper
Mrs Catch


  1. I guess first I would say...there is no such thing as an acorn tree..however an acorn falls from the might oak tree...anyway, I haven't a clue! It is fun to find those random notes!

  2. Such a microcosm of our lives, init?


  3. Elephant? No idea.
    But I know you can catch a squirrel by climbing a tree and acting like a nut.

  4. No idea either!! hehe.

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