Thursday, 8 November 2012

On Endings

My eldest son finishes High School in a week. Twelve years of learning, homework, assignments and exams. Friendships, arguments, reprimands and awards.

This last year has been the hardest. Worrying about his brother's health, in addition to surfing quite a few ups and downs of his own.

It's all over now. No more arguing about study, no more after-school sport, no more parent-teacher interviews, one last speech night. He's entering a brave, new world.


  1. Been there, done that...4 times. The choices are hard..the real world is harder...the support of family is imperative. Every one had their challenges but have managed to find some sort of living in this crazy world. 3 boys live near us...1 lives in Oregon..far across the country from here. It's hard to believe when all of a sudden they are full grown men. To me it seems like just a blink of an eye. Good luck to him and hopefully he'll find his passion and enjoy his life's choices. He's a handsome young man too!


    Can you hear me crying from over here??

    Yes, this will be me next year.


    LOVELY post.

  3. Lovely post indeed. Thank you for taking us back in time with you - and best wishes for you all in the coming months and years. PS: That is a mighty big cup he is holding - sporting award, academic award, loving cup?

  4. The cup was awarded to a chemistry student in a leadership position who was also a member of the first XV rugby team. I joked that he was the only student in the school who fitted these criteria so the judges really had no choice. MEAN, I know!

  5. Lovely post. Boy your son has grown into such a handsome man. I've watched one child finish school, with a little angst only two to go.

  6. Your boys are sooooo handsome! Wow. Look out girls... and I also love the clear affection in your photos of them. While I am a long way off uni days, boarding school days are looming VERY large...

    My only words of wisdom (to your eldest) is not to sweat it. The trick is knowing yourself and listening to your reactions to career paths. I walked the wrong path for almost two years, but discovered my TRUE passion hidden deep within that false start. So I changed course. (literally!). Which was hard but the best thing I did...

    Tell him to enjoy schoolies (but NOT to do anything to worry his Ma!)

    PS Think often of your second son. I wonder how he does, and how you do? ♥


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